From Baveno to Alpinia Garden

Path M5

From 4 Novembre Square take the lakeside road. Pass the Lido Palace Hotel and head towards the district of Roncaro. A paved road and trail get you close to the highway and then, climbing a mule track, you can reach Campino (400m). Following the signs inside the village you get to the woods and to a marked fork. Following trail M5B, you reach Alpe Gemelli (478m). You can keep going until you get to the district of Loita and finally to Baveno. Make a left (path M5) to reach the mule track that leads to Alpe Cristina (630m). Keep going and reach the locality ” I Monti” ( there is a marked fork on trail M3B to Alpe Vedabia). Following an autocross road, reach a frok (trail L1 to Mottarone). Walking past the funicular station, you can quickly reach the Giardino Alpinia (800m).

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