From Baveno to Oltrefiume

The Purple Route

From Piazza Dante square follow the sidewalk along the Sempione main road in the direction of Verbania until you come to a statue of a lion where you turn into Via Piave. After crossing the bridge over the Selva Spessa Stream, it is possible to visit the public park of Villa Fedora or turn directly left into the street called Via Oltrefiume. At the junction, turn right into Via Mussi where you can admire some houses with decorated façades, then continue as far as the old village centre with St. Peter’s Church and the portal of the Old Inn which marks the entrance to the original nucleus of the village. The facilities in the public park of Villa Mussi offer a chance to take a break. From here return either back along the same way you came or follow for Feriolo along the itinerary described in “Blue Route 5”.

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