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Sunday 25th July 2021


AronaMen Triathlon 112.9km

SWIMMING route: 1.9 km in Lake Maggiore – 2 laps

departure and arrival Piazza del Popolo in Arona

CYCLING route: 90 km – single lap

Departure from Arona towards Meina, then on to Lesa, Belgirate, Stresa and then to Baveno, where the turning point will take you back to Stresa. From there it will pass through Belgirate and Lesa again, and then towards the hamlet of Calogna to reach Brovello Carpugnino, Gignese, Armeno, Miasino, Bolzano Novarese and Invorio. From Invorio, via Meina, return to Arona.

RUNNING route: 21 km – 4 laps

circuit within the town of Arona


Info and sign up: www.aronamen.it

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