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Nostr@domus hall

Saturday 22nd of July 2023, at 9pm


Narrative Concert “The Vigils of Siena” by Adriano Banchieri.

It tells of a night of celebration at the Sienese court in which the prince, host of the event, invites the various participants to perform imitations of songs and theatrical scenes.

The show, through imitation games and hymns to love, opens a small glimpse of a part of the life of the Renaissance courts, which is rarely grasped: that of common feeling.

4 singers, 7 musicians and 2 actors: Alice Rossi, soprano; Candice Carmalt, contralto; Matteo Magistrali, tenor; Renato Cadel, bass; Giorgio Leonida Tosi, violin/viella/voice; Josè Manuel Fernandez Bravo, croissant, flutes; Lucio Testi, bombarda/cromorno/dulciana/flutes; Alessia Travaglini, viola da gamba; Ninon Dousollier, dulcian; Pierfrancesco Pelà, viola da Braccio; Roberta Pregliasco, trombone, big snake; Valeria Zanolin, actress and Sara Sacchi, actress.

Free and free entry.

Organized by ZEBO, Zero Emission Baroque Orchestra, in collaboration with the City of Baveno.

Download here the poster!

Music and entertaiment

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